• Juhas

    Wow very nice looking bike, i like these mudguards and this color with a lot of chromes.

  • Doug W.

    Nice bike! Looking at this nice link provided by another OTS contributor Joe B (http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/owner-submitted/joe-bs-patriotic-1986-schwinn-varsity/) : http://www.trfindley.com/flschwinn_1981_1990/1984Ltwt16.html I’d call it a ’84 or ’85 maybe made by Giant. My ’85 Collegiate has a 0585 stamped on the rear dropout on one side and the decals shown in the above catalog match to ’85. Not that it matters, but I found that catalog helpful in dating. Have a nice day.

  • James M

    It’s a beauty. Great color.
    I love to see the older stuff getting a second chance.
    This website is a great escape from the “ho hum”
    bike world.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Very nice survivor. I hope someone is getting some use out of that beautiful classic Schwinn.

  • http://shopcatcycles.blogspot.com Matthew McKenney

    @ Doug W. – Great find on that ’84 Schwinn Catalog. It’s good to know what year it was. Thanks.

    Thanks to all for the comments on it. It was a sweet ride while I owned it. I would have liked to keep it, but I wouldn’t have been able to give it the love it deserved(too many other bikes I’m committed to). It’s in a good home, with someone that will give it that lovin’ it deserves – should be kickin’ around for a while.

  • Nick D

    I have the same bike, hoping mine will clean up like yours. What kind of tires did you get? They look a little knobbier, did you have any clearance issues with the fenders?

  • Nick D

    Also, how’d you clean up the spokes?