• Abbienormalcomedian

    I bought mine in 74 but only had it 6 months before it was stolen .A friend of mine found it (id have to chek the serial numbr) but id swear its mt stolen bike .My buddy gave it to me in MINT condition and beleve it or not i can still ride it with no hands at age 50. This bike is perfectly balanced however my ass does not remember the seat being so hard but then again my ass is 100 kbs heavier!! Not that its for sale but can anyone tell me the current value? contact Abbienormalcomedian@live.com Thanx

  • BeaterRezQ

    Tough question there…I have purchased used Schwinn’s for as low as $10 for a 1972 World Traveler (made for Schwinn by Panasonic) to $125 for a 1960 Corvette. It really depends on the condition of the bike and whether or not it’s an oddball or limited production model. For example, I have a 1974 Suburban (if memory serves me?) that was the only Chicago Schwinn model that featured the 5 speed shifter on the bar rather than on the stem. (it’s a funky looking Suntour shifter, quite primitive looking but very functional. That might be deemed as being slightly rare, but even then it cost me a whole $20 or less. Paint job is toasted, but the rest is all there 100% original. I have also found mint condition Varsity’s all original for $20 or less. The used bike market is very unpredictable when it comes to prices, a bike shop will sell you any of these aforementioned bikes for over $100.
    I always say, “Make it your own, then ride the crap out of it” BRQ

    I recently purchased this Deluxe Varsity for $20 from a LBS, in its untouched original condition. It then became a curious experiment of mine to see just how light I could make it….not very I might add.

  • BeaterRezQ

    …also, Max–that Schwinn of yours looks 100% original, and in very good shape. I love the chestnut color, and for free=AWESOME.