• Julie s

    OMG-3 to 5 big ones in the frame and chainwheel (crank) alone! Wish I had the cash. Not your average OTS. Beautiful

  • older1

    A great original Peugeot, Maxime; it looks like the chain has never even been on the big ring!

    The following should NOT help set a price in any way at all:

    Perhaps this could motivate Cameron to create an “NQSC” (Not Quite So Crappy or Not Quite Shamefully Crappy), or maybe an “NNQACAMOR” (Not Nearly Quite As Crappy As Most Others Represented) tag? That last one has a certain appeal I can’t quite explain; maybe it’s just amoré.
    Not a Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra/Tony Bennett/Perry Como fan? Okay: how about a sliding 1-10 indexed scale of crappiness-factor; “10”, of course, representing a full-on, highly-magnetic/north-south indicating/alloy-deficient/rust-attracting, stem-shifted, safety-levered, foam-gripped, Ashtabula-cranked, stamped-steel sprocketed/brake calipered/dropouted/rat-trapped, solid-axled, braze-on-less, non-lugged, integrated kick-standed, welded-gaspipe, hernia-inducing, non-European, department-store-branded wonder which seems to capture the hearts of so many nostagic readers?

  • Maxime

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for you comments, I succeed to sell this PSV10S for 400$ !