• Bob H

    Cool bike, Michael. The looks of a classic 3-speed with a 10-speed drivetrain. For some reason green doesn’t seem to be a popular bike color, but I like it.

  • Hugh

    When I first saw one of these, it made me think of Ireland, It has that old world look.
    I had one for a short time last summer. I think it looks correct except for the rear tire.And I`m not positive about the rack. You might want to check out niagaracycle.com They have the best prices I have found so far. You may consider going back to gum-walls. They really look good on that bike. Good Luck

  • Hugh

    Hey Michael,
    I found the old pics and the rack is correct.Ride Safe,Hugh

  • Michael

    Thanks for the compliments! Yes, the rack is original. I’m trying to talk my dad into having the whole bike serviced as I don’t think it’s ever really had more than slight maintenance.

  • Mikey C

    I’m a “Mike C.” and own a bike like this as well. Mine is not as pretty as this one, but it is almost original save a replacement seat and a rack from another Free Spirit. I still have the original seat but it doesn’t look as well made as the one on yours. Mine was a freebie that was going to be tossed that sat by the side of a house for a couple of years. Not rusty but the decals are a bit faded. Also, it looks like it was one of Shimano’s early Positron efforts. I have a 1989 Brittany that is showroom condition and find that these Free Spirits are built like a tank and are quite an enjoyable ride. “E-Bars” I guess are a lost setup but I think Schwinn did still makes their “Sid” and “Nancy” bikes.

    Isn’t the Greenbriar from 1982?

  • Mike Y

    hey michael and everyone else. i have the exact same bike in just about the same condition. i was wondering if you knew anything on the bicycle? thanks

  • http://www.1freeworld.net Mikey C

    I believe it is circa 1982 by judging the Positron setup on the bike. It is not a full setup as only the shifter/deraileur are Positron. The later Schwinn World Tourist I gave to a friend is a full Positron shift setup. My Sears Brittany is dated about 1989 from a website article I read about a guy describing the exact bike I own with the chrome fenders that he purchased from Sears at that time. Reading this article and comments again reminds me that I need to get mine out for more riding. Like I said before, I love mine and it doesn’t look bad but I sure wish it was in the same condition as this picture.

  • Mike Y

    hey, well thanks for the info. I got lucky i guess. i bought it of a guy i go to school with for 15 bucks and the thing rides like a champ.

  • http://panasonicbikemuseum.info Darin

    WOW, my father had one of these until 1988 when he got his Panasonic DX-4000. I remember it well. 😉

  • http://therealmichaelwc.blogspot.com Michael C.

    The date sticker on the bike says 83 and i think that’s about right.

    Coincidentally, this was the only other road bike i rode before my DX-6000

  • Shayne

    I have a ladys bike just like this one how mutch is it worth?

  • Evan

    I put an engine on one of these

  • Hendrick

    I bought one of these in a same condition as this post for $115, I really enjoy riding it to work, but do you think I got ripped off?

  • Mikey C.

    Yeah, you probably did unless it was flawless. You should be able to find these for under $50. I see them frequently on craigslist for under $50 but bike flippers there always try their best to get far more.

  • Bill

    Does anyone know how to find and translate the date code on a Sears Free Spirit Greenbriar? I found what I think is the serial number plus this number: 489.474131 the period in the number is some kind of round symbol.
    Thanks. Bill

  • ctown

    Where can I find the history of this bike? I need to know if the frame is a bolt-on and the type of crank system.

  • ponchocpw

    I just found one of these bikes with out a seat.post i am wonering what size the seat posts are.

  • Tyrone Elaster

    Do you want to sell your free spirit Greenbriar e mail me at Tyroneelaster@yahoo.com I have the femail one

    • Steve Miller

      I have both male and female if your interested.

  • Roberto

    where can i get the front fender for this exact same bike that i have? (free spirit greenbriar 26″)?