• http://OTSG Dave M

    Beautiful old Schwinn, Michael.I have several 40+ year old Schwinn 10 speeds, I betcha with a little care they will run for a hundred years.Keep the greasy bits slick, and the bright parts shiny.

  • Pfaff

    Once the apocalypse is upon us there will be nothing left to inhabit the world except cock roaches and old steel schwinns.

  • Bob

    I love the World Voyageur. It definitely will get my vote for OTS of the Month!

  • Michael DeBike

    Thank you for the comments. I am sorry that I did not post additional photos to show how original this bike is. I purchased it new in July of 1973 and at the end of the riding season(s) I polish it and put it away inside of the house. I have done this for the past 35 years. Thank you again.