• BeaterRezQ

    Nice story and best of luck through your resto’ process. Now that would be an interesting trend….owners posing with their pride and joy??? (hmmmmmm?)

  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    Mike! Thanks for a mind-blowing post! Now I look forward to your next one showing both you and the bike circa now.

    I’m heading over to your blog to yak it up a little.

  • Michael Gill 216

    Thanks, guys! I’ll post updates as they develop! The patina vs. Re-paint debate rages in comments on my blog … most people telling me to keep it original. Thoughts?

    • BeaterRezQ

      Call me superficial, but cosmetics rate high if I choose to straddle it.

    • Trailer Park Cyclist

      Ya keep it original and work it into the ongoing thread of your art and life. Then save up and buy a shiny new (steel) steed from Mike Varley or Grant Petersen or Richard Schwinn and hang the Peugeot on the wall in your studio.

      Beater: You’re superficial. Just kidding. But in this case we’re not talking about a bicycle, exactly. Go check out Michael’s Blog and you’ll see what I mean.

      I’m curious to hear from Hugh and Ryan on this one. And where’s Older1?

  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    But Mike, ya definitely replace the Helvetica “Cleveland.”


    • BeaterRezQ

      …not only am I superficial, darn work computer will not allow me to go to most blogs, facebook and youtube. Lame is me.

  • Marquis Padgett

    wow is all i can say for decals go to velocals.com dont paint powder coat harder & stronger. i have done over 3 dozen restorations some full original some what i call retro/struction, combination of new & old so you have a reliable commuter or touring bike have a few posted on this sight. click on image of my 1983 univega gran turismo
    this is midnight black powder with new decals & all original equipment only tires, cables,brake shoes, saddle & stand are new it recently was purchased by a bay area rider .

  • Jeanine Daynes

    Wow. I got seriously misty-eyed reading your story. That’s killer.