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    Nice bike, Michael! Looks great! 1976? Wow. It looks like a mig-welded frame, but it’s fillet-brazed, isn’t it?

    I would expect your fork to be chromed-steel, since there was a pretty serious recall of their aluminum forks in those days.

  • Michael Pitzer

    Thanks for the nice comment. Frame is fillet brazed straight gauge 4130 chromoly steel. This model came with a half painted steel fork which for some reason that I can’t recall, I replaced with the tange chrome fork. I do have a very original G.P. model with the aluminum fork but don’t ride it.

  • Gentleman George

    Wow! Love that color! I’m used to seeing Falcons of that era in baby blue but it looks great on the Viscount.

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    I grew up just south of Williamsville, in Cheektowaga. Our shop was Stranz on Union Road. It was in Mr. Stranz’s garage, behind his house.

  • Nancy

    I have a Viscount Grand Touring that my husband has been trying to throw way for years. I keep hanging on to it because I know it’s a good bike. If I could convince him it’s actually worth something, it might be easier. Does anyone know it’s worth? I bought it new in the mid 70’s. It’s all original apart from the handlebars. I had straight bars put on at purchase because I didn’t like the racer bars. The rims need truing and probably new tires (still original) and the brake pads (still original). I quit riding it when something fell off the derailer. That was over 30 years ago and it’s been hanging upsidedown in the shed ever since.