• Hugh

    Maybe a 1980`s Taiwan Schwinn?

  • Alex K

    Looks like a panasonic to me.

  • Mike L.

    Thanks to a post about another mystery bike over on bikeforums.net I’ve found out that it’s a Sekai. I haven’t been able to pinpoint a model though; I think it might be somewhat of a franken-bike.

  • Shane

    Are you selling it at all?

  • Hugh

    SEKAI. Thanks that was really bug`n me. I kept thinking where have I seen that crank before?

  • Carla Atkinson

    Looks like a late 70’s Schwinn traveler to me. My boyfriend has a 1977 Schwinn traveler that looks just like it.

  • Vic

    70’s Nikishi Internation looks just like my bike

  • Vic