• BeaterRezQ

    Mike P.,
    I remember Grants Department Stores, but I don’t remember them ever selling bikes (but then again I was a wee-little-tike back then)…Fedmart, back in the day was one of their competitors–
    For being a 1972 10 speed bicycle it is in very nice shape and appropriately right at home in this Gallery. BRQ

    • Terry Blair

      I have a Grant Sport Aquarius 10 speed ladies bicycle sold by Grant’s department store. I am not positive of the year but think it was bought in mid 1970’s. I was trying to figure out the manufacturer of the bike but cannot find a tag anywhere on it saying who made it.

    • Terry Blair

      Oh I forgot to say that I cleaned the shed out today and it was hanging from the rafters in there. I cleaned it a little and pumped the tires on it and took a 6.2 mile ride on it this evening. It shifted very nicely and worked perfectly.

  • Ryan Surface

    You say “rides like a Varisty” as if its a bad thing…..Got to love heavy frames with one piece boat anchor cranks ;-). Nice find thanks for sharing it.

  • J. T.


  • paulieb

    Nice . I just snaged a yellow one. Its my first full strip and tear down. Turnin it into a fixed gear. Awesome little find and awesome background.