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    Wow! Very nice, Mike! Great job on the clean-up and polish; it looks amazing!

    All you Schweads don’t make me have to break out a thesaurus to find some more superlatives, ’cause I’m usin’ ’em up quick, ’round here!

  • mike v

    thanks, i put a lot of time into it. appreciate the compliment.

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      I can tell you put a lot of extra effort into it, Mike! It just looks great!
      Not to detract from many of the nice electro-forged Schwinns posted, but I imagine most of us will agree: a nicely-polished lugged-frame OTS always looks sharp!
      I’m generally content with a “functional” or “utility” appearance with nearly anything, but when I see something all shined up, I can understand why someone takes the extra time to do it.