• Chris Stevens

    I’m going to make a guess that its a Paramount, there’s a ’73 deluxe paramount that looks very similar here: http://www.geocities.com/sldbconsumer5/1973/73ccpg18.jpg

  • Militza

    Thanks to post my bike and thank you Chris for your orientation 😀

  • Rob

    I don’t have a pic to compare it to, really, but could it be a Traveler?

  • Mike

    Could be a Traveler, Sprint, World, World Sport, etc. I own at least one of each of those, and they all match up well. I also have a LeTour mixte that matches the other picture. I can send pictures of each if you want.

  • Seth

    it seriously looks like it could be a Motobecane. Where all the joints are, it has a very similar molding around it. Not 100% but I just finished painting my bike and they look very similar.

  • Spike

    Strange, That’s a Stronglight Mod. 49D crankset, which was made from 1949 until the late 70s. Motobecane used it on some of their bikes in the mid-70s, but that frame is not a Motobecane, they had Mixte frame designs for their ladies bikes. It’s not a Paramount, the lugs are wrong. I doubt that the crankset is original to the frame. This bike is a concoction, so it could be anything.