• Mark Lapakko

    Hyyva Paiva Milton. Your weather isn’t any worse than Minneapolis. Nice ride! I like Puegeots also but prefer Motobecane because I think the paint is better. Yours looks mint though, hard to find them like that. Kiitos for the post.

  • Robofunc

    That’s very nice. I love the color–never seen a Peugeot that blue before. Are those wine corks in the ends of the bars?

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    Yes that is a particularly lovely shade of blue.

  • Milton Van Houten

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The bike was in excellent paint when I found it and it’s still in great condition despite riding it in harsh winter conditions so I guess the paint is ok though this model wasn’t a high-end bike at the time.

    I have a high-end Motobecane from the same era. Too bad its condition isn’t that fresh anymore. I should give some TLC for it and take a couple photos.

    And yes, the bar end plugs are wine corks. From quality French red wines, of course 😉