• mark lapakko

    Looks like a nice light ride to me. I’ve never seen one of those.

  • Tony

    I have a bike similar to that. It is not E. German though. Not sure exactly where it is built. I just looked up Centurion Accordo and it looks like it is Japanese. Anyway I bought it in 1985 and am still using it in 2010. I do get it tuned up almost every year, and I have (obvioulsy) had to replace the tires now and then. But I don’t know why I should get rid of it. Someone told me I need a $2,000 bike, but why?

    My 10-speed looks very similar to the Diamant.

  • older1

    Achtung! Das ist wirklich eine schoene fahrrad, Herr Milton! Okay, so I just pushed the limit of my German vocabulary, but seriously, Milton, that’s a nice bike!
    That shallow fork rake must make it handle great!
    I just got a bunch of hits on a diamant+fahrrad search, so you should be able to find out more.
    Sehr schoen!

  • Mark D

    I hope you’ll submit that Accordo so we can all see it.

    As for Milton’s East German beauty, it’s certainly not a Diamant in the rough, but rather a true diamond.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike

    the white bar tape and seat really makes the red pop – nice score