• laverack

    What a classic. Still worth $69.00. To repaint would be a crime. Decals, however, are usually available on e-Bay.

  • http://hubnride.blogspot.com/ hub ‘n ride

    woaaa, really clean… what a classic!! love the color

    nice bikee

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh from Highland

    I am “English Racing Green” with envy (:

  • Timothy

    I like the color as well. I also like the crank. I installed a cottered triple on one of my Nishiki’s and like the way it shifts a lot. I would have swapped out the wing nuts as well although I have a box full of them.

    • Matt

      Tim, nothing like a prompt reply, still have any wing nuts, care to part with any?

  • Timothy J

    Sure, I will never have any use for all of them. I’m not sure I have four of the same but let me know what you are looking for.

  • MCSF

    Well if I remember correctly they’d be no more then 2.5″ across, smooth chrome finish,nothing decorative, with that little locknut against the drop out.
    now the question is how do we hook up without making info public??

  • Timothy J

    Well I have an anonymous email address I use for Craigslist and such. shamgar100@hotmail.com

  • Lugozach3552

    I have a similar Raleigh from the early 60’s. When I rescued it from the dumpster several of rattle can paint on it. so much paint you could barely see the head badge. Upon stripping I discovered the Raleigh decal on the down tube. I traced the old decal and reproduced it in full color. I then copied on my laser printer on to Revel decal paper, used for model making. I have been very pleased with the results, the decals on my bike look better then the paint job! there are companies that will make decals for you, they are expensive. My goal with restoration is to be as economical and creative as possible. You have a great bike and I happy so many people are in to old Raleigh’s.