• firenbones

    This block party weekend makes me want to break out the denim cutoffs, the slide rule, the Schlitz and Grand Funk.

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Who needs an excuse to sport cutoffs and crank a little GFR? Not me!

  • Tyler Smith

    Hey there John, I have the exact same Nishiki bike you have here. I was wondering what kind of components you put on it, but most importantly if you know what year and type of bike this is? Thanks for your help and nice restorations.

  • Kenny

    Hi, I’m new in the bike world and just bought my first 10 speed. It looks remarkably like the white one you have. Nishiki is written in more asian looking writing, however the front fork is identical. I was wondering what year the white bike in the second picture is. Thanks for your time.