• BeaterRezQ

    Dude, that bike is beautiful!
    I would proudly ride that anytime, anywhere.
    Call me weird, but I love to pass the spandex brigade on bikes like yours.
    Ride On!

  • Anonymous


  • Ryan Surface

    Free, Fun, Lugged, Stylin’, cool Name, what more can you ask for from and old Ten Speed ? Great find Owen.

  • Www Jenifernorman35

    Hello I think I have your answer..1987! I’m looking at mine now but its a womans bike. Same color and matchings to your pictures posted. Mine has the exsact date made. Do you know how/where I can appraise it? Email me at:www.jenifernorman35@yahoo.com

  • Www Jenifernorman35

    Hi, sorry, didn’t know if last message went thru. I can answer your question I’m sure. I have exsact 10spd but womans bike. Email me please I have a few questions for you

  • Owen P.

    Actually, I found that it’s an ’85 Roadmaster shortly after sending it in.

  • David G

    I have one for sale still in box brand new , 1980 10 speed RoadMaster Scorcher 508-542-8462

    • Kris

      Do you still have it?
      I have been looking for a scorcher for years
      My number is 319-938-2200. Please let me know if you still have it.