• Joe B

    26″ frame? OMG! That equates to 66 cm. How tall are you?

  • Pfaff

    Don’t forget to have your prostate checked regularly with the saddle angled like that.

    Bottom that bad boy out. Its what the 10 speed wants.

  • Pfaff

    Upon closer inspection of the other pictures, you did in fact come close to bottoming out the saddle.

    Carry on.

    That thing is a beast!

  • Patrick M.

    hahahaha….that cracked me up….my prostrate is doing fine and I am just barely 6 foot. It is a monster, but cars can’t help but respect me when I own the lane 🙂

  • Hugh

    Nice Ride Patrick. I only mention this because you said you are fairly new to the sport. When you pedal the bike, and you are on the bottom of the down stroke, is your leg straight or slightly bent? If your leg is straight the frame is to tall for you.This could cause you some pain and possible injury on a long ride. Hope I am not over stepping my bounds here. Ride Safe, Hugh

  • Patrick

    No worries Hugh…my leg stays slighty bent on the down stroke. I appreciate any and all info/guidance/comments because I am new to all of this…but that is the great part about this site and the people who come here. It’s a wealth of knowledge along with some kick axe rides. Keep it OTS!

  • Ben

    Great to view pics but we need to know where we can find those hard-to-find parts, e.g., axles that aren’t straight, cones that are pitted, etc.

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    Sweet ride!