• Rob

    I know I’m hoping against hope, but I’d love to get those old handlebars. I’m restoring a 1978 Schwinn Traveler III and need some drop bars. Could you put me in touch with Paul or direct me to someplace I might find old Schwinn drop bars like that?

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer


      I have a set I just removed from a Schwinn Collegiate. I’ll make you a deal.


  • Edward

    What’s the overall feeling of folks who visit this site on swapping out drop bars for upright bars?

    I can’t stand drop bars, but I think it is because the old bikes I’ve found have tiny frames. I was in a “real” bike shop yesterday as long as I could tolerate overhearing people talk about $265 wheels and saw how big high-dollar ten speeds are. They’re huge! I don’t think I would have to bend over much to ride one. (Though I could buy 50 flea market/yard sale bikes for the price of one bike shop bike. And it would get stolen.)

    I’m considering putting Wald 8095 bars on a yard sale, $5 Ross Gran Tour (pictures to follow after restoration) that I found the other day. I figured as long as I’m riding it, it doesn’t matter much that I swapped the bars.

  • Hugh

    I got no problem with anyone changing bars (or saddles for that matter) What I don`t get is, when the bars are commuter and the
    saddle is race or vice versa. Wow I`m really obsessing over this one..LOL

  • Hugh

    Oh, And I forgot. The Schwinn looks great.
    Very nice work!

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie


    The bars still have the original stem, brake levers and tape job attached to them. I think someone else asked me about them, but he hasn’t gotten back to me in a while, so if you need the handlebars, Rob, email me through the email in my profile.

    Paul H.

  • Joe B.

    Great restoration! 🙂

  • Tomshiba

    What a deal, free!!!…..Actually, the bike looked pretty solid in the first picture. What did you use to clean it up? Those fenders are nice. I remember Suburbans came with those as standard equipment. Nice work.