• Julie s

    I believe it was made in Mexico by Acer. Is that a mighty comp crank I see? Love the chrome lugs-and the compe stem is one of my favorites. Just looks a little dusty-should clean up wonderful.

  • Spike

    Windsor bikes were a remarkable value for the money. I would tend to date this bike slightly later than 1974, although that serial number is certainly suggestive.

  • Siegfried Horner

    Interesting. I have an excellent example of a Carrera Sport..all original with added short chrome fenders (to match the beautiful chrome lugs). I bought this bike in the late 1970s and have kept it in fine condition, as with all my bikes.The complete set of aluminum Suntour hardware functions perfectly. I rotate it with my other vintage and newer bikes. Despite all the advantages of carbon frames and SIS gear changing, I still enjoy the nostalgia of bar-end gear change tabs, brake lever extensions, and center-pull Dia-compe brakes, all on a bright red steel frame. It was never state-of-the-art, but never-the-less, was a great value and a comfortable-to- ride touring bike.I don’t see many in any condition.