• Gthoro

    Nice rehab. The frame is definitely steel though.

    • edh

      I think your right can’t be anything but steel. Nice looking bike though.

  • Ben Rogers

    What an awesome restoration! I’m currently working on a 70’s Raleigh.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Nice Restoration, (I`m guessing here) Sometimes the Reynolds tubing sticker (if it had one) can be confusing. I think the first time I saw one “Reynolds Aluminum” came to mind. It looks like a steel frame to me also.This link explains where the Reynolds tubing name comes from http://reynoldstechnology.biz/assets/pdf/rtl_timeline2009.pdf Cheers, Hugh

  • firenbones

    If you’re in Emmaus, ride that Huffy past the editorial offices of Bicycling Magazine on 10th Street. Let your pie plate shine.

  • Flash

    Nice job, but I would go a little further and paint the pie plate and fork the same shade of yellow, and replace the bar tape with yellow. Then spray paint the rims flat black so that chrome streaks appear from brake pad wear. Oh Man, that would reek of awesomeness!

  • Peter D.

    Thanks for all the comments and advice ! You guys are the best!

  • http://thegreenvintagebike.blogspot.com/ David

    Great resto job! I’ve just bought a Huffy Limited, just started the resto process. Your bike looks great! Hope mine can look as good once its finished.

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    I’m generally a fan of retaining original paint but you’ve done a great job. This bike epitomizes what OTSG is all about and has my vote for OTS of the month.