• Peter Robb

    looks nice…swish in fact

  • Hiro

    That is my exact bicycle. I have the original drop handlebars though, Good to know there are other examples of British engineering that have stood the test of time, and are still in use. I only wish I could change the shifter on it, but where are the parts, ay?

  • zak kent

    i got this bike for free off my grandad the other day. it dont have drop down handle bars and i still working great. i wonder how much they are to buy? even tho i dont think il sell it.

  • zak kent


  • http://OldTenSpeedGalary greg buthod

    I have Galaxy Contemporary Randor and need to replace the tires. There is no size on the tire. They have a white edge on the tire. Any suggestions ?

  • David Browne

    This is the exact same model as my bike and I’m currently trying to upgrade it but the bottom bracket and chainset is cottered so I’m having a nightmare trying to figure out how to update this to cotterless (as the chainset is pretty worn and needs replaced). Have had a look at Sheldon Brown’s advice but am more confused than ever.

    Any advice on how to change the bottom brackets for these? PLEASE HELP!

    • Peter M.

      One of my Raleigh 20s got a Phil Wood BB (special order for 73mm shell) Cost will probably put you off, but it’s about the only thing available for Raleigh threading. This bike and my other Twenty have original BB. Cottered cranks are fine, if maintained. I had to drill out the old cotters on this one when I got it though.

      Sadly, one of the (only 3) chain-ring bolts fell out and was lost, so it’s gathering dust until I find a replacement. A stronger hand on the spanner (or loctite) next time.

    • gavin

      take it down the local bike shop and they will re-thread the bb shell to take a shimano bb. The dimensions are the same, only the thread needs to be re-cut. I did this and have a fine europa on the road.

  • Aussibikeboy

    I just happen to pick up the the same bike that had been thrown out in the hard rubbish! The one I found has a beautiful old Brooks Gents B33 saddle that looks like it would be over 50 years old. My bike has the olympic rings on the frame. Looking forward to doing it up.

  • Peter M

    Replacement found for the the missing chain-ring bolt; it’s back on the road. Shh, don’t tell anyone, along the way it became a 12 speed.