• Ryan S

    Love me some Motobecanes. The red cable housing is a nice touch with the black frame great job Phil

  • Phil11764

    Thanks, Ryan. I really enjoyed doing that one!

  • BeaterRezQ

    Phil, nice Moto! One of my favorite color combinations–black and red.
    Red cabling and gold accents on the lugs–complete the package. Are the bars wrapped in black leather?
    If so, classy!

    • Phil11764

      Thanks, BRQ. Leather? No, just “leatherette.” Trickle-down technology!

  • gailwarning

    My b-a-b-y!!! I have a blue ’78 Super Mirage that I bought new. Despite all the miles I put on it back in the day, it’s in great shape. Everything’s original except one tire and the seat. Still shiny. I love it beyond all reason.