• BeaterRezQ

    Phil H., nice bike!I have two Panasonic Sport 500’s; one restored (search: panasonic 500) and one waiting for a rainy day–I never knew that a Sport 1000 was also available. The components are basically the same between the two, I wonder what the upgrade (if any) was? Same Panasonic stamped stem, same crank, etc., even the same head badge. Perhaps the only difference was 10 speed vs. 12 speed? Bottom-end in the Panasonic pecking order, but you gotta love ’em anyways! I ride mine proudly, hope you do…BRQ

    • Owen P.

      Do your two Sport 500s equal this 1000? lol
      Phil-that is one bright and shiny bike! Nice!

      • BeaterRezQ

        I’ll take your thousand and raise you….?

  • Ryan S

    Phil I agree that is a gorgeous blue and the white accents really set it off- beautiful job. Those handlebars look like Nitto Randos or their early 80s equivalent.

  • Phil11764

    Thanks, guys. The Panasonic Bike Virtual Museum has some great info on the entire line-up. There were many differences between the Sport 1000 and the Sport 500. The 1000 had a cro-mo frame, while the 500 had a hi-ten frame. Components were also different. You can see the 1983 catalog here: http://tinyurl.com/c9zlaej

    • BeaterRezQ

      Phil, thanks for the info, I now know that my bike is a 1983 model. I thought that my Panasonic Sport 500 was more like an 85-86 model.
      With the added crmo in parts of the frame, that would definately be an upgrade.
      I enjoyed visiting the site you recommended, I had not run across that one yet.
      Thanks again, BRQ
      http://www.yellowjersey.org (for Panasonic info)

  • Guest

    Here’s a look at the Sport 1000 vs Sport 500 specs from the 1983 catalog.