• Ryan Surface

    What a cool find! makes me wish they still offered lug steel in their catalog. Suntour drive train, lugged steel frame, cool “made in the land of the rising sun” decal, whats not to like?

  • BeaterRezQ

    Phil H., what a nice find…and in the always pleasing solid black frame with the gold accents!
    Made in Japan, hmmm….I wonder by whom? (Miyata, Panasonic, Centurion, Fuji, all good company?)
    27” wheels or 700? Lovely find, and for free–better.

  • phil11764

    Thanks! Yes, a great little (real little) bike. It’s in the hands of a very capable rider right now. And those were 27×1-1/8 tires and Presta tubes.

  • BeaterRezQ

    Phil, a variety of views is the only way to fly…thanks!
    I just took note of the interesting setup of the down tube shifters, very different and nice at the same time.

  • Romero Chingon

    I have an equal and want to sell do not know how much they cost.

  • Tom Boden

    I bought one of these new back in 84? Mighta been ’85. This was a complete bike and the pics show one that’s completely stock down to the Araya rims and Suntour ARX pkg. I still have the VT crank on my commuter. This is a bike I literally wore out. BB shell got oblong on me. I miss it in spite of that fool top mount shifter!
    Oh I just put the stem on my commuter as well. Handlebar was creaky, it’s in the aluminum scrap bin