• BeaterRezQ

    Got ladder?…chuckle, chuckle”
    Nice vintage Japanese bike–good save!

  • Stefan Pilles

    Good job on the restoration. Did you make your own decals?
    Not crazy about the high stem, but to each their own.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comments! The bike was free, but required a good amount of restoration, as you can see from the one photo. That meant stripping everything off, including the destroyed decals, and starting from scratch. Yes, I redid the decals, matching font type, size, and location as best as I could. As far as the height goes, I’m 6’4″, but the bike is geared more for someone in the sub-6′ range. I’m actually replacing that stem, however, with a black quill stem, to lower it a bit and to match the seat post.