• George

    That wraparound band used to come on Campagnolo Record hubs, which this bike is maybe a little bit early for, but maybe not. Campy/Mavic wheels do exist (I once had Records laced to MA-40s), so it’s not unlikely…is there any writing on the skewer levers?

  • Matt K

    Beautiful bike. Those chainrings are amazing.

  • http://reidsvillebicycles.com Bill D.

    Sweet! I have some Miche hubs that look like yours, not gold though.

  • http://drrw.net David W

    Well if you like this Super Course – you will love mine! I bought mine in Manchester and it now resides in USA with me. Pretty much all original equipment – except for 7 speed cassette my brother put on.

    Page 2 shows pics from last year when I had it cleaned up by local bike store.



  • Super C

    Out of interest/curiosity, noticed the title of your crankset photo (Campy…). I have a similar machine, slightly later with same chainset and rings. Cranks are Japan made (SR??) – I don’t recall the rings were by Campagnolo. This would be an interesting mix.