• Pop Richmond

    Thanks for the warm welcome, and for featuring my bike!

    It turns out that having the seat so low that you can rest your feet flat on the ground is horrible for your knees. Who knew?

    I’ve swapped the goofy foam for the cheapest bar tape I could find, some tacky vinyl wrap. Still the same cheesy appeal, but with the added benefit of not turning my hands black.

    Keep up the good work, your site is way cooler than that other bike gallery!

  • Cherie

    Awsome! I’m in the process of repairing and identical bike i obtained a couple of months ago. Im a cyclist who really appreciates the old bikes. i also have a couple of Schwinns ( a red Traveler anda newer silver Traveler and a really old huffy.

  • inquired

    What size tires did you put on the Capri?

  • Jilly

    Hey I just purchased the exact same bike today from someone and havent had a chance to take it out (tomorrow morning 🙂 ) Any way Do you like it?

  • scarby

    I got on here looking for a front wheel for my Raleigh Capri. I wasn’t aware it considered a “vintage” bike. Guess I’m showing my age a bit, but this is the bike I’ve rode for the last 20 years. I am fully aware that it was a low end bike but I rode in quite a few 150 mile rides, and passed a good number of “high” end bikes on the road; so I saw no need to up-grade.

    Any way, I had a pretty bad accident on it several months ago and quickly learned that to buy a new set of wheels (the front wheel was pretty badly mangled) would cost more than the bike did way back when. So i decided to see if I could find some original replacements. They served me well so far. Any ideas?

  • Billy

    nice bike, I got one of these a few months ago from a friend for free and threw on a new back rim as the original one got warped after riding alot.
    i also painted the tires black and put on orange griptape and underglow on this badlarry.
    its pretty quick for a vintage bike and its really reliable.
    I love this thing