• Ben Hrouda

    I would think of adjusting the handle bars so you have more of flat top of the bar to rest your hands on. You might want to adjust the brake lever placement too. Less aggressive and more middle aged comfortable —

    The bike looks really good.

  • Hugh

    Great bike! Being 53 I have to agree about adjusting the handle bars. I like to flip the bars forward a bit so my grip is more comfortable. Great bike, good to hear
    that you have kept all these years.

  • David Smith

    I have exactly that bike, same color, probably the same frame size (25 1/2″). Got in 78 and have put a zillion miles on it. Took it from California to England, France and Ireland. Now it is happy in Canada. Of course is took off all the junk and laced up a pair of aluminum rims. Even with plain guage steel it is down to 26.8 lbs.

    I’m 54, unemployed and fitter than I have been in years from long rides on this bike.


  • Jacob

    Did you replace the cranks? Being that before 77′ they were cottered… And if so what did you use? Currently trying to fix up an 76′