• Lucas

    Is that a Front Freewheel on that bad boy?

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    From Montgomery Ward to being imprisoned in a storage unit, rescued, then off to Monterey. This classic American department-store bike sure has had an interesting life so far. I don`t see the tell-tail black piece on the crank that most “front-free wheel” units have. My guess would be it does not have the FF system. But God knows I have been wrong before

  • Tammy D.

    I got the girls Trans Am bike when I turned 13 it was my first 10 speed. It was as close to having the actual car a kid could get to me. I loved that bike, I left it at my parents when got married six years later with broken brake cable. My dad took it to the dump before I could get it and fix it. I’ve NEVER seen another like it.

    • Sean Thomas

      I have one if you like to make an offer ! CALL (207)415-9808 THAT’S MY CELL AND MY LANDLINE IS (207)591-5226 ask for Sean! May be the you had still in sweet condition!