• http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    To paraphrase John Keats: a piece of crap is a joy forever!

    That wasn’t too highbrow, was it?

  • Ryan Natschke

    Thank you for posting my bike. The name on the bike is “Dream Machine” and after doing a little work on the chain, and a few new tires, it does in fact ride like a dream. My 14 year old son has taken it over though after the crap he gave me for bringing it home. Now he wants to be Lance Armstrong. 🙂

  • Joe B.

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Tell your son to ride & ride & ride… 🙂

  • George

    Ooh, harsh. Not like I’m riding a spray-painted Triumph made out of hi-ten at all. Sorry for being honestly curious as to why a ten-speed was built the way it was, guys. I’ll just keep my comments to “looks cool, great!” from now on.

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Hey George,

      Maybe the Motobecane met a similar fate as Peter’s Morrison? Maybe when Steve (the owner) stops by he can help explain all this. In the mean time, feel free comment as you see fit.:)

  • http://OTSG Dave McIlnay

    Found it in the trash today
    Scratched up bars and rusty rims
    A busted spoke, that ain’t no joke
    I gotta tear that wheel down
    Cables are frayed
    the frames’ been sprayed
    Bearings are dry the seat post stuck
    Looks like its been hit by a truck
    Feels like I hit the lottery

  • Alex K.

    I think he was joking george.

    Hey cam, when is my bike going up?

    I wish I was lucky enough to rock a dream machine.

  • Ryan Natschke

    I took no offence to anything, the statement “One mans trash is another mans treasure” when it comes to bikes is right on the money. Some people get a flat tire and instead of replacing the tube just go out and buy a new bike and toss the old on out to the curb. Then people like me can pick it up! 😛

  • Hugh

    I`m not sure why, but I kinda like that bike. Maybe add a vintage brown leather saddle, some new gum-walls and some fresh cork tape. Hell yeah! It`s got some potential. Ride on Brother

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  • Ray

    Regarding the Dream Machine

    My dad bought a matching pair (His and Hers)of Columbia Dream Machines in the Late 1970’s.

    They were generally unused, until a friend rode double on the men’s, and broke the downtube where the cables entered. I love my father, but he wants to weld the tube with electrical tubing. I assume that this would not be recommended?

    If you can’t ride in the tour, you might as well have something heavy that won’t break.