• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    There is one of these posted on flicker. I left word that you are looking for info about this model. Maybe you will get lucky. I don`t recall ever seeing a Citation before. Nice looking bike though.

    • http://waterloobikes.ca Rob

      Thanks Hugh. I’m going to flickr now to find it.

  • jim wark

    I found a Citation also. It seems to e a KHS brand touring bike. Looks very similar to yours but has glass shard guards on each tire and racing pedals with bottle holder. Did you ever find source?

  • Rob Mc

    Nah, no details. I was hoping to figure out approximately when it was made.

  • citation rider

    hey i have one, it is in pretty crap condition though, pretty rad bikes but its pretty small frame, i’m 13 and rode it to to school for a couple years before this, been really great to me and given me no problems