• BeaterRezQ

    Rob P.,
    I don’t know how I missed this one, but I love that classy lil’ bike. I had the same exact model, but all of the decals: make/model name/etc. were in a darker blue with the frame being light metallic blue. I bought it for a real ridiculous price from a garage sale. The gal said that they were just trying to get rid of her uncles accumulated “junk”…I wanna say $10-15.
    I set it up much like yours but with blue cable housings to match the blue decals, full 600 group, blue bar wrap and blue Hutchinson tires. Seeing yours reminds me of mine and makes me want to kick myself for selling it, and again for not taking a picture of it. Darn thing fit me like a glove, and if memory serves me I think I sold it for $120. ($140 at the most)

    to note: for being such a nice classy bike, and having one that was very similar….I couldn’t stand to see this post receive not one critique or compliment, so here you go.