• Trailer Park Cyclist

    An enviable bicycle, Rob, and you can be proud of those miles and your loyalty to your old ride. You don’t mention if you have a carbon something in the garage today and this is a labor of love or if you are re-entering the World As It Should Be: Two Wheeled and Steel.

    Cameron! I was afraid you had gone in search of Yehuda Moon! Couldn’t stand to lose both of you in the same season. I was keeping a stiff upper lip and all but then Snob linked you today and I hit the button and Voila! You’re Back! Praise Lob!

  • Wayne

    I’m your brother, Wayne. Remember the junk cheap white Peugot we bought at the Sheriff’s auction, which we made barely ok enough to ride, and I then rode?
    This is the bike you rode in Wales, right? When did you buy it? I bought at least one of my bikes with you along for company (the Peugeot I got run over with, or maybe it was the Falcon. Were you with me when I bought the first purple Gitane?). I don’t remember when you got this one. Reynolds 531! Double butted? I’m jealous. What cool, cool memories you’ve brought back!
    I’m really jazzed that you got it finished!
    Thanks for turning me on to this website!

  • Wayne

    I’m old, I guess. I still twist the brakes with a wrench to toe them in to stop the squeaking……

  • Ryan Surface

    Very nice Peugeot- love the story brought back from the dreaded “hanging in the Garage” and overhauled back to sweetness by the original owner. And Cameron glad to have you back gotta say I was starting to get sick of looking at brown Raleigh sports 😉 what can I say I am now addicted to OTSG.

    Thanks to you and to Rob T for the revival post

  • Juhas

    Hi, my friend in polans has bought bike just like this one for about 20$, its really cool and good condition too. I would kill for bike like Yours:)