• Ryan Surface

    Love the Purple and with the white accents it will be -“Straight Pimp’n”- I think that is the term. Some white side wall tires would “piece de la resistance”. Nice

  • BeaterRezQ

    Nice find, and what a beautiful color!
    Ryan Surface couldn’t have said it better; the purple with the white accents will only compliment the bike and add to the kool-factor.
    I had the same model/make of bike but of the early 70’s vintage, say 72.(if memory serves me?)
    My Sport Deluxe came with a full campy set up, along with Mafac centerpulls–and even though it was an entry level/lower end Gitane, it must have been upgraded or special ordered considering the components?
    The bike was donated, but the old campy derailleurs/shifters I kept…primitive but practical.
    Good luck piecing it all together!