• BeaterRezQ

    A Gitane and a Peugeot at a local scrapyard, now I’ve heard it all!
    What’s next, I found a Rolls Royce at the local park n swap…
    lol, just kidding.
    Some folks have all the luck and I need not be complaining having done the same thing many times. Good LORD forgive me.

    Robert J,
    that is definately a worthy find and a righteous save.
    I recently submitted an older bike much like that one, but of course–lower end on the pecking order of things. Was it as clean as we see it or did you resurrect it with blood,sweat n tears?
    Nice bike,

  • Ryan Surface

    Chapeau Mon Ami! Although I am a confirmed Lug Lover (LL) I have to say the clean lines of the “Internally Brazed” P8 frame are attractive. Lovely Score. Hope to see your Gitane up on OTSG as well.

  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    Nothin’ wrong with the trails, Robert. My road rides are a sublime experience, but blasting down some low-tech singletrack and picking myself up out of the bushes makes me laugh out loud and yell things like yee-ha! And I’m old enough to know better. Good find on the P8. I’m a lug-junkie like Ryan but those were fine bicycles. It will sell.

  • BeaterRezQ

    …Aaaah yes, the purple Gitane with the white accents….lovely.
    Robert, you did well my son. And please, no apologies for your new found love for mountain biking. In case no one has noticed, I like all bikes: road/off-road/cruiser/bmx–everything in between. Why limit yourself to just one type of bike. I know guys that are strictly road bike or beach cruiser…why not enjoy ’em all? It might sound strange and prejudiced of me, but I tend not to look twice at a newer Chinese built bike–high end to low end. (occasionally one will catch my eye and it’s usually a retro-built one)
    One of the first bikes that I seriously restored, far beyond just the basic clean/lube job was a 1983-85 mountain bike made by Ross. The original rear derailleur is stamped Shimano and has a big block letter “M” on it. To this day I have no idea what M stood for….anyone? Bike is seriously too big for me, but it is beautiful and a piece of early mountain bike history–a mountain bike prototype/cruiser if you will!?