• Pastorrdj

    The Steelmaster has been refurbished. As I mentioned earlier, I added alloy rims, brakes, etc. I also upgraded it from 26 in to 27 in rims. Still seems pretty crappy, but it was a fun project. My only regret is that I didn’t have enough red cable housing, so I snuck in a couple of pieces of silver housing. I’m including a close-up of the “Falcon” derailleurs and “Pointer” cranks, in case those are unfamiliar to people with less crappy bikes.
    Bob Johannes

  • BeaterRezQ

    The words “Behold, all things become new”..come to mind when looking at the before and after shots. Nice job and good save.
    Personally, I think it looks just fine when you combine two different colors of cable housing, one for the brakes and another for the gearing. Even more so–when the colors appear somewhere on the bike; decals, head badge, etc.

  • Ryan Surface

    Gotta love any bike with the word “Master” in its title…twice. Great find.

  • Philip Gibbeson

    Hey, I’ve got an old steel master 10 speed too, really good condition silver, and it rides really nicely and is built to last. Got given it free with a purchase of another bike for my GF. let me know your email and i’ll send you some pics. thanks Phil

    • George_K

      Hi I have an old SM too. It is in a terrible condition and i want to restore it. Please can you send me a few photos of your bike to look up the decals and the color. My e-mail is…




      Athens – Greece

  • Yme1961

    Hi I have a SM Tour de France 10 Speed In Blue It was given to me and since Ive had It, Its had new Brakes Tyres & Inner Tubes new Pedals. It also has a new Saddle although I do still have the old one. It also has 2 Tone Blue & Silver Front Forks. It rides extremely well Im very proud of It

  • dries

    Hi, I’ve got a steelmaster 10 speed as well. It used to belong to my granddad and I’m fixing it up. But somewhere along the way the “protection plates” that keep water and dirt out of the wheel bearings have gone missing. Does anybody know where I could get my hands on these things. If not, could someone who still has them give me the dimensions, so I could have them made? Thanks in advance.