• JC

    where can I get a new rear wheel plate? Mine is all rusted out. Whats the correct name for one anyways?

    • Robert Kent

      I have several new old stock wheel plates, will sell you one.

      • Phil Orwick


        Just aquired a 73 Fuji Special Road Racer (red)…frame, fork, stem, headset, seatpost and the actual correct Belt Seat!!. Need all the rest. Besides the wheel guard, what else might you have? Thanks.


  • Mike Dering

    I’ve got a green Fuji Special Racer, great shape with original leather seat available, also in great shape. I am the original owner. Bought it in early 70’s for about 149.00? I was wondering about it’s value. 10 bucks in a garage sale, that would hurt.

  • James

    I just picked up a ’76 S-10-S Special Road Racer. I also have an 18-speed ’81 S-12-S. These are great bikes when you just want to get out there and ride. They are great! Check out the Class Fuji website for more information on these and other older Fuji bikes. http://classicfuji.com/index.html

  • http://www.bikingindallas.com Mr Christopher

    Thanks for posting about this, it was one of the few that I read when I was deciding whether or not to buy it. I also found more details on the Bikeforums.net classic and vintage forum. I scored my Fuji Special Road Racer off of Craigslist two days ago and I’m stoked. Mine is green like the one shown above. I’m going to see if I can find a Fuji Belt saddle, but for now I’m replace the plastic one with a Brooks Champion. I posted photos of it on my blog http://www.bikingindallas.com/fuji-special-road-racer/

  • Daniel Gonzales

    Yesterday i bought a fuji special road racer. For 35 bucks its was all rusted. Up with a lil love. And some elvow grease i was able to restore it . Beautiful bike https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/04a7f958357514d77da488aa74ee4af9037945b79a7b4066969ef9831bd905cd.jpg