• martin

    cool bike. but i think its quite heavy>

  • Shane

    Robert, if it wasn’t that this bike was a Le Tour II and mine was a Le Tour III and had a chrome cupholder, I’d have sworn you stole my bike! Haha! Down to the awesome candy-apple orange-like paint job! Where did you find this one and If I may ask, with part of SE Mich. are you in? Now I have a clue as to what year my bike is! Thanks!spxmet@aol.com

  • grant long

    Wow!!! is all I can say when I look at this bike..I’m 6’9 and this is the bike for me if you ever come across another please reach out to me. or tell me where i can go to find one

    • Greg O

      I have a 69 cm Fuji Sagres if you wish.


  • michelle

    see it very similair this bike is same as mine. But my rare 1976 red Schwinn’s lady bike. Excatly same as your.

  • Charlie

    My wife and I still have our 1976 Schwinn Le Tour II. Mine is sky blue and hers is red.

  • Joel

    Very nice bike! However,it is a 1977 model, as that is the only year Schwinn made the Le Tour II. http://www.trfindley.com/flschwinn_1971_1980/1977_08.html

  • Badtaz64

    ive got the same bike even color how do you know the year