• Joe B.

    Just keep replacing those old parts. It’ll keep going & going & going… 🙂

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    That bike has character!

  • Pete

    Nice bike. A mate had one of those in the early 80s – was a lot faster than the grifter I had at the time!

    The BB will be a standard 68mm shell. I recently fitted a replacement cartridge BB to my old Falcon 10 speed that I was converting to a fixie and it screwed straight in with no problems. I used a Shimano UN54.

    Good luck on those cobbled Edinburgh streets – the last time I cycled down the Royal Mile I’m sure I lost a few fillings!

  • http://none Bob Easter

    I bought an orange Falcon Black Diamond from a neighbor. It looks totally original, including the water bottle. I’ve ridden it a number of times, however the tires (looks like 26″ x 1″ High Pressure seem dry rotted, so I’m afraid they’ll burst if I keep riding it. Where can I find tires to fit this bike? Or, should I sell the bike in it’s original condiditon?