• Hugh

    Wow! really sweet bike.I have a question Is that a grease fitting on the back side of the head tube? Or is it for a frame mounted pump? My neighbor just rescued a
    KHS (not sure of the model)from a dumpster and He was asking. I`m guessing it is for a frame mounted pump.

  • Rocky M

    It’s not a “fitting” at all. It’s more like a part of the overall design of the bikes headtube and serves no actual purpose other than aesthetics.

  • Pfaff

    Uuuuuuhhhhh Rocky, that is called a pump peg.

  • john clark

    i have i believe a 1980’s khs 10 speed with a specialized seat. the front forks and the seat down tube were pink with a silver frame. the serial number from the bottom of the frame at the crank set is M5D17130. the bike is now painted red after two accidents with car’s.

  • john clark

    does the serial number M5D17130 to anybody’s knowledge place the manufacture of this 10 speed in the 1980’s? are there any specifications available? what about bike weight?
    thank you, john clark

  • quotientring

    I have a pink and grey KHS John Howard Turbo with serial number M5G37958. I’m fairly sure the model year is 1985, based on a) the code at khsbikes.com, b) component dating, see vintagetrek.com, and c) general internet research I did. KHS produced the John Howard bikes for a few years starting in 1985.

    It weighs between 23 and 24 lbs. Frame is 23″ c-t. The bare frame weighs 5.27 lbs with the fixed bb cup and headset cups, and frame + fork + headset cups/race = 7.14 lb. Bare frame should weigh about 5 lbs. It;s a solid ride. The components are a mixture of fairly nice Japanese parts. Most KHS bikes I’ve seen from this period seem about like mine.

    • Adam

      I have a KHS turbo, Not a JH with a S/n of M2C05893 (1982 I would guess). where did you find this, code at khsbikes.com. can you provide a link, I looked at there website and can’t seem to find it. I would like to restore this bike but I don’t know enougf about it, I can’t even find a picture of it.

      • http://velospace.org/user/52971 rodentfield

        They have a code at http://khsbicycles.com/Images/serial_numbers.jpg. It’s not exactly the same as what we have, but you’re probably correct that the second digit indicates the year.
        You can try googling bikeforums, or just a general google search for more information.
        The turbo was never a bad model, though. I’d like to see pictures!

        You can see mine at http://velospace.org/node/34258