• BeaterRezQ

    Roger A.,
    Nice oldie there….70’s? (massive chrome pie plates tell no lies!)
    Neither do one-piece cranks?!

    **note to self: next submission send Cameron ONLY pics in the size of 800-1000 pixels…about twelve of them.

  • John h

    Nice rack too.
    If somebody sends in a pic of a Lego bike could you post it or not, because its not really an ots? Lol Your doing a good job here. But a Lego bike would look really pixelated.

    • BeaterRezQ

      John h,
      …words like pixelated strain my brain.
      I totally agree–Cameron does a fine job, and the Gallery shows his handiwork and dedication.
      A while back, he gave me a hard time about a mattress saddle—gotta keep him on his toes!
      A lego bike…..hmmm?

  • Roger Allison

    The Vista was a very nice bike once I got it cleaned up. I purposely invested very little in it other than elbow grease and grease so I could sell it at low price. A young man and his girl friend bought it to ride in the City. I almost think I performed a public service.