• scott grafton

    I own a 1978 Lime Green Sportabout in spectacular condition. Hard to believe it’s worth $10,000 !

  • rick

    Yes, very hard to believe!

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  • Mastrbrazzr

    I just was just given a Lime Green Sportabout yesterday, is there still a demand and value for these bikes?

  • Dsanchez40

    I have a Lime Green Sportabout as well…who would be interested in it and how would I be able to contact? I’ll leave my e-mail here just in case: dsanchez40@hotmail.com

  • seekr33

    I have the yellow sportabout from 1976 its available for purchase

    • seekr33

      its on craigslist search (inland empire-schwinn sportabout) for the listing

  • losperez66

    I have a Lime 1970’s Green Sportabout in excellent condition! If interested email me at losperez66@rocketmail.com

  • gabe

    I have this exact bike. Please contact if interested. Flanagan.gabe@gmail.com