• Ryan Surface

    His and hers Huffy’s -that is like the holy grail of crappy (or at least a grail shaped lantern) OTS. I had a gents model as a Teen, yes the folks spared no expense, and this one brings me back; the brown earth tone color scheme, that HUGE chain-ring guard that could keep even the most voluminous bell bottom jean out of your chain and the pleather seat cover. Classic.

  • BeaterRezQ

    LOL…you guys have such a way with words!
    Nice submission Ron.
    Those two “Quality Huffy Bicycles” just scream the red rocks and sandstone bluffs of Santa Fe, New Mex.–Land of Enchantment, USA.
    Make us proud, man!

  • evolke

    Crappy, I don’t think so. I purchased a Huffy Santa Fe ten speed back in the summer of 1978. We’ve traveled a lot of roads and bike trails together. My Santa Fe and I are like two comfortable old friends. He took care of me out on the road and I took care of him in the garage. I cleaned him up after each ride, inspected and lubed him whenever needed. I tweeked whatever needed tweeking, tighten whatever needed tightening and replaced whatever needed replacing. My old Huffy rewarded me with years of good reliable service. In the summer of 2012 I finally put the Santa Fe into semi retirement and purchased a shiney new bike. After putting 34,232 miles on the old guy, I thought it was time. I call my new ride the “Frankenbike” because it was custom made for me using parts from various companies. I ride it three times a week but I still enjoy getting the Santa Fe out once or twice a month to stretch his legs. The new bike is faster, lighter, more nimble and carries me a few miles further on my two hour rides than the Huffy, but it doesn’t give me any more pleasure or exercise, and isn’t that the reason we bike, pleasure and exercise?

    • Robbie Monroe

      I have the lady’s version of the Santa- Fe, and the huffy Desperado, and I cant believe the deal I got on them. the Santa Fe was like new , tires and everything, looks like it had not been ridden no more than 50 miles, and the desperado was a restore project, which I am almost done with. I ride the Santa Fe as much as I can, and I am almost done with the Desperado , which I purchased 75 miles north of here in Denver a week ago, and can not wait to put the first 50 miles on it, lol.

    • Walt Passmore

      wishfull thinking i would love to buy a matching pair of santa fe just saying

  • Chris Usfc Agront

    I just found one yesterday night as I was walking my dog at a dumpster and it only needs a few repairs but other then that it in good condition it’s. A 1970 Santa fe huffy 10 speed 26″