• Hugh

    Sounds like it might be time for a restoration

  • Steve

    I agree with Hugh…. RESTORE IT!!! It doesn’t have to be really hard though. In keeping some of the bikes “character” it has accumulated, I would simply use some naval jelly, (usually available at Menards), to remove some rust from the parts, (be sure to read and follow the directions! I’ve used it on aluminum for instance, just DON’T leave it on long!), it does an unbelievable job with no rubbing, no buffing, and NO scratching, regular old rubbing compound for the frame, it’ll really bring the color back!!, followed by a good wax, (I like “Mothers”) to protect it, then a simple rebuild to take care of your “slop” and “vibration”. Bikes are like many other “Old” things, very cool, if someone will just love on’em a little. Hope you do it, and then re-post it!!