• Russ

    Cameron…the TTMS is not a modification…it is as built from Murray! And the bars haven’t been chopped, they were bought that way….just thought I’d clear that up…and the SDGCS has been added as well 🙂

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer


      Thanks for the clarifications. That TTMS just looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen! Oh the good ol’ days! I wasn’t sure about those bars, they didn’t look like FNCs but they did have the drop I’m more familiar with in bull horns. Where did you get them? As for the SDGCS, I’ve seen so many of those things since starting this site, I’m beginning to think I need to try one out and see what I’ve been missing!

  • RUSS

    The bars installed on both bikes you see are Origin 8 Bull Horn bars…very light, very strong. About $19 from my LBS. Grips are Origin 8 Track grips, about $5 at the LBS. The Huffy Scout has the red set, the Murray will be getting a black set….they were on order. I could never understand the deal with top tube mounted shifters being dangerous….the top tube itself can be a killer….ever had a chain skip while standing up on the pedals???…..ouch!

  • Brandon

    Hey Russ, where did you get the replacement decals from, I am working on a 1985 Murray Pheonix Hi-Tech Roadbike and am in need of new decals but can’t seem to find a printer or a dealer that can match the original decals.

    • Russ

      The only decals that were on the bike originally were the “BMA” decal on the seat tube and the “Murray” red/white/blue foil type headbadge. I didn’t put either one back on….I’ve seen the “BMA” decals on a few sites and found a nice scan of the Murray headbadge decal on line but didn’t save the site addresses…..I kind of just left it naked. If your decals are complete, and you “have” to have original types, most graphic/decal businesses have portable scanners that can reproduce most decals in vinyl type replacements. Hope this helps.