• older1

    NICE! What an absolute quality find for a paltry $20 bill, Ryan!
    Not that I’m really all THAT envious, but around where I live, folks continually attempt to unload rickety, crimped-dropout junk for no less than twice that, and in much worse shape; NO kidding!
    Thanks for saving it before someone turned it into a fixie, or hacked it into a tall bike!

    • Ryan

      Thanks Older1,

      It was a real find and feel lucky to have stumbled across it, I too have seen many an ad for an old crusty low end bike that someone thinks is worth a C note, I just shake my head and keep looking for bargains. They are out there.

  • http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com Trailer Park Cyclist

    Ryan! I didn’t realize it was you when I saw this bike.

    What a nice Miyata!. Man, I like those S600 shifters. The updated photos failed to post and I would like to know more about your rebuild…maybe you could do a guest post on my site and tell us about cycling in Seattle? Let me know.

    Tim Joe