• BeaterRezQ

    Ryan S.
    Nice save of an American Raleigh, one less bike going to the bike cemetery.
    Raleigh North America was owned by Huffy Corp., so does that make it a Rally,Ruffy or a Huffeigh?
    Here’s mine of a similar vintage, but of the mountain bike persuasion.
    ( OTS/Cameron please forgive me for sending pics of bikes that probably don’t belong in these hallowed walls known as OTSG)

  • Ryan Surface

    A Ruffy Hmmm? That would be Ironic BeaterRezQ as this is the nicest Raleigh Road frame I have come across to date; with its seat stay pantograph, higher end steel (not 531 but not Hi Ten either) and super clean paint and art work etc. Probably one of the nicest of the 7 or so 10 speeds I have built up this year and to think its a HUFFY! 😉

  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    Very nice, Ryan! It somehow escaped my notice yesterday. And yeah, it’s a Raleigh. It says so right there on the bike. Huffy? Phooey!

  • Ryan Surface

    thanks TPC you’re right it does say Raleigh!

  • Tiffany P

    I have the same exact Raleigh! I was wondering where you acquired some of your parts? My bolts are pretty rusty.

  • Richard Bailey

    I just acquired this exact same frame and will be refurbishing it for resale👍🏾