• Trailerparkcyclist

    “blaming BRQ for inciting people to bring you crazy bikes” That will be the funniest thing I will hear all day. Made me laugh out loud. As far as the bike goes, I don’t know what to say, but if I did, I would say it using my Pepe Le Pew voice.

    Beater, thou rabble-rouser, never stop.


  • BeaterRezQ

    Come now folks, I have my limits! That is totally the wrong bike to do that to. An old Schwinn with a camelback/cruiser frame is fair game, but a classic french road bike–hardly. If the Gary Fishers of the world can convert old cruisers into what eventually would become mountain bikes–all the while being scoffed at, then why can’t the Beater’s of the world at least try to do the same all in the name of fun???
    TPC, it actually made me guffaw,
    St. B

    By the way Ryan, nice restoration/resurrection…there’s a place in heaven for guys like you!

    • BeaterRezQ

      …other day I was riding my Ol’ Schwinn Convertible home from work, and two “vato locos” were walking down the road, maybe a stones throw away. The bigger of the two shouted out to me ” Nice wheels, Bro!” (but with a facetious tone) I tipped my head to acknowledge him and said back ” Nice Payless sneakers, Bro!”…and then commenced to pedal ever so slightly faster.

  • Michael A

    Are you sure it isn’t a AO8?