• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    I love the chrome fork tips. If I ran across that bike at a thrift store, I`d be all over it like “stink on fish.” What I am really curious about is, What is the bike leaning on in the photograph?

    • http://none Sam

      Sorry about the loose chain everyone. She does deserve better. Hugh,I love the chrome forks as well. Its leaning on a classic Australian backyard item – the Hills Hoist clothes line.

      • Cameron

        Yeah, Folks are really hard on drop chains around here!

  • edh

    Nice, but get that chain on the chain ring!

  • Joe B.

    Doesn’t go to well with the chain like that – does it? 🙁

  • Daniil

    Any idea what that attachment point on the fork is used for?

  • Sam

    No idea what the attachment point is for.

    • Daniil

      I had a look at a couple of photos and it seems it’s for a light. That’s why it’s only on one side.

      I’ve got the same thing on my Morrison Freeway. Will be posting pictures soon

  • Lachy Cherry

    I just got one of these from the tip with the intent of restoring it to its original glory from the 80s. Would the fellow who posted it mind putting up some more detailed pictures of this Morrison? I know this request is a long shot, and that this post is pretty old, but it would be greatly appreciated.

  • http://www.orapreneurs.com Brendon

    This is the top of the line Team Morrison bike, in gold trim on gloss black with chrome forks. Super rare and worth a small fortune. I owned one, and have a photo of it in its glory that I could share.