• BeaterRezQ

    Scott C., AWESOME head badge! Thanks for including the great close up of it. Those old Japanese bikes hold up almost as well as the old Schwinn’s do ( or better, depending on who you ask) , that one there is no exception.

  • Docsprocket

    this is a real rarity i think i remember 1 other than this en 2010 that was posted year was 1977 i think ???
    survey says 1979 ?

  • Docsprocket

    79 is the year of the model posted i ment to say too much time in the man cave working on my latest.
    hey scott sweet bike man.

  • phil11764

    Great looking bike! But what’s the twine for in the close-up of the head badge?

  • Ryan Surface

    Agree with BRQ what an great Headbadge!